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Decide where the contact points for your vehicle are:
- Use the instruction that comes with the Universal Kit or use the following three examples for reference. Locate your contact points and decide how many you would like to use. The more contact points that you use, the better conduction your vehicle has. The norm is anywhere between five & ten contact points. When in doubt, use our suggested Example Three below.

  • Suggested connecting points - Example One

    - Cylinder Head = Engine Block
    - Distributor = The part which separates electrical power into each plug
    - Bulk Head = The iron wall between engine bay and car interior

  • Suggested connecting points - Example Two

    - A = 1st body earth for electrical parts - B = 2nd body earth
    - C = Engine block - D = Throttle body
    - E = Alternator - F = Battery negative terminal
    - G = 3rd body earth ** Please click on the above image to get closeup views of each portion.

  • Suggested connecting points - Example Three (recommended by Sigma Automotive)

    1) Engine head near spark plugs - better spark plug performance2) Engine head near stock earth wire - better injector & ignition coil performance
    3) Near alternator - reduces power loss4) Near cell motor - quicker engine start-up
    5) Stock body earth cable for electrical parts - electric parts perform better6) Stock body earth cable near battery - enhance general stock body earth conduction
    * As you see, there can be multiple connecting points per major component. You may be creative & connect up to TEN points. Anything beyond that will yield only minimal improvement.

  • Factory Ground Points database
    You can request a printout of your engine bay factory grounding points via your dealership and/or mechanic. From it, you can cherry-pick which points to ground. This is for the more advanced motorist.

  • Home Battery Tech Hyper Ground System :

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