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HID Conversion Kit:

  • Every component included in the HID Conversion Kit is examined by our engineers thoroughly and meticulously. Reliability and quality-control are world-class. Each kit consists of:
    • Two HID capsules - lamps
    • Two 35-watt (or higher) HID ballasts - with integrated or remote ignitors
    • Wiring harness - plug-n-play to easily convert factory halogen into HID system
    • Auxiliary kit - power cables, brackets, double-sided tapes, cable-ties, installation manual, fuses, etc.
    • Warranty - 8-month on non-DRL vehicles & 3-month on DRL vehicles
    • More info - click to view

    Step One - choose a line:

  • Top-of-the-line model for European & CAN-bus vehicles that are sensitive to noise interference
  • Warning-canceler feature
  • Remote metallic ignitor to minimize electronic noise
  • Ballasts at 1/2 size & lighter
  • Special shielded cable to minimize electronic noise
  • Suitable for motorcycle use when used with an extended remote ignitor cable (optional)
  • Available in 35W & 42W. And in numerous color outputs (see below order table).
  • Economy model for most vehicles that have no noise interference issues
  • Warning-canceler feature
  • Original integrated ignitor design
  • Available in 35W & 50W (latter is true 51W output, unlike other cheap so-called 50W that outputs no more than 47W!)
  • In numerous color outputs (see below order table).
  • Step Two - choose a color temperature:
    HID capsules come in a variety of color temperature (as measured in Kelvin or K). The higher the K, the bluer the color tone. The higher the K, the dimmer the output. OEM HID capsules (ie: DOT-certified) are all in the 4,000 - 4,300K range - which is quite white. But most European vehicles have this special reflector to add a bluish / purplish color tone to the beam to make them appear like higher temperature than they actually are. For maximum visibility, night driving and function, choose the OE color of 4,000-ish K range. For looks and other 'cool' factors, choose 5,000 or 6,000K capsules. You should NEVER go higher than 6,000K unless it's for show use. For fog lamp use, choose yellow. See the right table for color temperature VS. output (in lumen) when using 35-watt HID ballast.
    Color Temperature Lumen (±7%)
    4,100 ~ 4,300 K 2,800 ~ 3,200 lm
    5,000 K 2,700 lm
    6,000 K 2,600 lm
    8,000 K 2,000 lm

    Step Three - choose a capsule type:
    The HID capsules you are purchasing MUST match the base (or socket) type of your existing halogen bulb type. If you are unsure, please refer to this Bulb Application Chart. If your vehicle comes with factory (OEM) HID headlamp system, you don't need any HID conversion kit, you may go to our HID Capsule page to choose D2C (which fits both D2S / D2R sockets) capsules to replace your OEM 4,000K ones.

    Step Four - brief installation guide:
    The ballast is an essential part of the HID Conversion Kit and its purpose is to ignite and control the capsule arc. Therefore the output of the ballast connects to the capsule and the input of the ballast connects to the car battery. To retrofit the halogen system to the HID lamp system, use the existing power connector in the lamp housing to feed the ballast, that is, the existing source in the lamp housing can be connected to the ballast's input instead of the battery. Below is an electrical connection diagram:

    We do NOT sell HID Conversion Kits at Sigma Automotive
    so please don't call us for these.

    • We only sell HID components for OEM replacement use (eg: 35-watt HID ballast, D2S/D2R HID capsule, Auxiliary Kit).
    • The following model / pricing table on HID Conversion Kits is for your reference only.
    • If you live outside of the USA and need more information on acquiring HID Conversion Kits in your country, you may click on the following Proceed button.
    • Any prospective HID Conversion Kit trades between you and any other company is in no relation, control, nor interest to Sigma Automotive.

    I agree:

  • Home Lighting H.I.D. :  
    (#IPPRIUS35)  PRIUS 35W HID Kit - (yellow / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000K)
    (#IPPRIUS50)  PRIUS 50W HID Kit - (4,500 / 6,000K)
    (#IPXONE35)  X-ONE 35W HID Kit - (yellow / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000K)
    (#IPXONE42)  X-ONE 42W HID Kit - (yellow / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000K)
     - Each kit contains 2x capsules (and integrated controllers for H/L models), 2x ballasts, plus wire harness
     NOTE: The above table is for your reference only. We do not sell re-based HID capsules or kits at Sigma Auto.

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