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Front & Rear License Plate Accessories

We started this category out with only forward-tilt license brackets years ago. And now, our selection has grown to many products for both front as well as rear license plates, for aerodynamics to looks to protection. Since that we cannnot drive without plates, we might as well dress them up or make them functional. Here goes:

  • Front License Plate Brackets & Attachments - The hottest mod from Japan! Forward-tilt front license plate brackets don't just dress-up your ride, they provide many benefits too.
    • Enhance Aerodynamics - Instead of hitting oncoming winds head-on, front license plate tilts forward and diverts wind at a downward angulation. This reduces drag coefficient & improves mileage. Did you know that at highway speeds, 60% of the energy goes to push air out of the way? Toyota designed their Prius into a bullet-shape to offset the extra-heavy batteries so that it still shines in the fuel economy department. So putting an upright front license plate really throws all their aerodynamic research & design off the window. Our license plate bracket is a good first step to minimize this problem.
    • Enhance Performance - Depending on your front grille location, they may facilitate radiator cooling and enhance vehicle performance.
    • Enhance Looks - Picture speaks a thousand words.
    • Front Bumper Protection - They absorb & minimize impact to a certain extent, in many cases, this is all it takes to prevent a dented front bumper & expensive bodywork.
    • Provide a mounting base for other items - Like auxiliary lighting, ornamental LEDs, parking poles, front camera, thermal imager, parking sensor, anti-laser device, radar detector sensor, etc. - the sky's the limit.
    WARNING: We do not condone nor encourage the use of our products to defeat toll booth cameras. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using our brackets in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.

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  • Project KICS Number Plate Lock Bolt - Super strong and rust-resistant stainless steel bolts to protect your front and rear license plates. Theft-deterrent 3-hole pattern plus tapered rim to make grabbing by pliers impossible. 18mm ø (O.D.).
  • - 2~4 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Front License Plate Attachments SGEX49 - Forward-tilt attachments that adjust angulation + provide vertical movement. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel and fits JDM, US and all other plates. Dimensions: 60mm H x 40mm W x 40mm D (per unit). Weight: 150g.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Front License Plate Bracket SGEX45 - Forward-tilt brackets that adjusts up to 40° + 13mm vertical movement. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel and pre-drilled holes fit JDM plates (almost same dimensions as US plates but with farther mounting holes distance), fortunately, they should be modified to fit US plates. Dimensions: 24mm H x 262mm W x 30mm D. Weight: 340g.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Front License Plate Bracket SGEX33 - Forward-tilt brackets that adjusts from 5°~27° with a single hinge. Made of black ABS plastic and pre-drilled holes fit JDM plates (almost same dimensions as US plates but with farther mounting holes distance), fortunately, they can be modified to fit US plates via the use of 1) drilling new holes onto your plate or, 2) utilizing a strip of plastic & drill on it instead to secure your plate from the back. Dimensions: 177mm H x 340mm W x 36mm D. Weight: 380g.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • AntiPhotoRadarClub - Photo radar devices operate on a 20° camera angle. This is true for both speeding situations as well as red light intersections. When your vehicle is being photographed for whatever reason, only a portion of your license plate is captured and recorded. The photo radar blocker prevents the last digit (numbers or letters) from being photographed. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • FlexyFrame - Avoid minor insurance claims from low speed rear end collisions. Patented FlexyFrame will not only protect your front license plate from damage but will also prevent your front bumper from damaging rear bumpers on automobiles in front of you. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • Show-N-Go - The patent-pending Show N Go License Plate Transport is a innovative new product that allows a simple one hand motion to retract and stow the license plate or to pull it out and allow it to swing up into the display position. Also available in powered version that includes a remote key FOB. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • TagLites - No-drill universal front (or rear) license plate mount for foglights (or rear auxiliary lights). Mounts direct to your existing licence plate threaded holes. Comes in full kits or mount only. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • Phantom Pierccer license bolts consist of Swarovski crystals to reflect sunlight during daytime and headlights during night time. And of course dressing up your ride! Anti-theft tool is included as well. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • TRICPLATE consists of a specially designed and manufactured switchable film. You can choose to show your plate or hide it via a remote FOB. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • French License Plate Relocation Kit gives your ride the unique custom look of a recessed license plate. Diving at night? Our exclusive light box will light up your plate for all to see! This new kit features heavy-duty one-piece steel construction and all necessary mounting hardware, and works with ALL American, Australian and New Zealand license plates. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • Hidden License Plate Kit allows you to give your vehicle that extra clean look by swinging your license plate out of view with the push of a button. Great for car shows or towing a trailer. All Hidden License Plate Kits included detailed instructions and a limited lifetime warranty. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • The Photo Fin is a new patent pending license plate attachment designed to thwart, alter & skew the results of photo radar cameras. It is a perpendicularly mounted, mirror-like stainless steel license plate attachment designed to resemble a predatory shark fin. It is also a functional, hip "statement making" personal privacy enhancing device. The must have "Pimp Your Ride" accessory. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • The Plate Flipper is a universal license plate flipping bracket that will fit all vehicles or motorcycles.With just a flip of a switch you can flip your plate down to a 90 degree angle "Out of Sight". Put your own unique message behind it. Then flip the switch back and your plate is back to the normal position.
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  • NoBump is an easy-to-install, revolutionary rear-end collision absorber that fits on the front of the license plate. Its purpose is to absorb the impact of a low-speed collision with another object, specifically the back bumper of a car. NoBump's patented technology absorbs the impact of low speed collisions time and time again, without loosing its shape or form.

    How It Works:
    On most cars the front screws of a license plate protrude past the rest of the car. In the event of a minor collision, these metal screws can leave scratches, marks or minor dents. NoBump is designed to allow the screws to pass through NoBump and fit snugly inside NoBump. In the event of a low speed rear-end collision, the screw head does not make contact with the bumper of the other car, but instead, NoBump compresses against the bumper. Built into the design is a mechanism that allows NoBump to expand at the base when tightened against the license plate. It also contains a self-locking mechanism so that the license plate remains fixed and pressed against the car over the years. If your front license plate has all 4 screws brace against the bumper nicely, then get TWO sets for maximum protection! Each kit consists of 2x NoBumps, 2x washers, 2x screws. Invented in Canada.

  • 2-pk       
  • SuddenSTOP - A rear licence frame w/ side warning LEDs. It has highly sensitive measurement devices and microprocessors that can tell whether you have slammed your brakes or used your brakes normally. As a result, it only lights up & flashes to warn tailing vehicles when you slam your brakes violently, not when you brake normally. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • Security License Nuts - Protect your bracket, frame, cover, license plate and whatever gadgets you intend to mount onto your license plates by these inexpensive yet super effective method. Proprietary key design that makes stealing your plate an extremely difficult chore. To-be-thieves sure will move onto their next target than to fumble w/ your protected plate. Get 2 sets, one for each plate. Imported from Japan.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • ClearCover - license plate cover is made from the virtually indestructible Eastman DuraStar polymer (clear acrylic lens). Its one piece lens and gasket design allows for easy installation. The Multi-Flex gasket seals moisture & dirt out, and a stepped lip design fits the license plate snugly. Marine grade 18-8 stainless steel screws and Click and Stay screw caps are included. UV protection helps prevent yellowing & cracking. ClearCovers have many styles to choose from, and will complement any vehicle. Please check state & local laws prior to use.

    TIPS: Most vehicles utilize only the top 2 holes for plate fixation, but to achieve maximum water seal effect, use black nylon screws (not included) on the 2 lower holes to secure the plate onto the ClearCover and cut off the exposed thread in the back. This way, you get a nice snug fit all over.

  • - one per order       
  • Marker Pole (Model SGEW-13) - This versatile telescoping marker pole tells you & others where your vehicle's front end is precisely. 3 sections to allow extendable length from 250 ~ 455mm. Adjustment angulation is about 150°. If a light source is beamed towards its base portion, the blue tip will lit up as a result which is very beneficial at night time. Chrome pole body can be taken off easily. We suggest installing one at either of the above 2 brackets. Imported from Japan.
  • PhotoBlocker Spray & PhotoShield Cover - A high gloss, clear finish spray designed to reflect photo radar flash. Spray it & make your license plate invisible to cameras. Also available is a patent pending high quality clear cover that is designed to defeat both photo radar & the red light overhead cameras. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • Splitfire Turbine Light - Micro 'wind-turbine' powered wireless LEDs lit up as your vehicle is in motion. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • Backup Camera - We have the largest selection on backup cameras & several models come in license plate frame and/or bar configurations. Click on image to enter product page.
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  • ReverseGUARD - Now even parking aid comes in license plate format. Check out this unique product that combines parking aid audible sensors + backup camera into one unit. Click on image to enter product page.
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