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Wireless Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring Systems

The Tyredog Wireless TPMS (WTPMS) is an efficient & effective solution to many of the current automotive safety problems. WTPMS will help prevent driving on deflated or underdeflated tyres and reduce fuel consumption. WTPMS has captured the focus of the industry because of its unique valve stem cap design. The extremely lightweight, compact sensors have been specifically designed to reduce installation costs and time. Through wireless technology, tyre pressure and temperature can now be displayed on the user-friendly graphic interface LCD monitor.

It is estimated that 83% of tire pressure loss occurs gradually - often without being noticed by the driver. Running tires at 20% under-inflation can reduce tyre life by up to 50%. These figures strongly highlight the need for a robust mechanism to detect loss of tyre pressure early, thus enabling timely rectification leading to enhanced safety.

Wireless Sensors:

  • Water Resistant
  • Weight = 10g ±1g
  • Diameter = 18.5 mm
  • Height = 20 mm
  • Screw-on sensors w/ anti-theft lock nuts
How it Works?
  • Audible / Visual Alerts when tyre pressure drops below / raises above recommended level
  • Provide graphic user interface
  • Monitoring tyre pressure anytime
  • Expands tyre lifespan
  • Saves fuel consumption
  • Improves safety
  • Detects leakage before harm is done
  • Easy to install
  • High accuracy
  • Not affected by bumpy roads
  • Allows users to preset min. / max. values
  • Operates even when the car is stationary
  • Detects both under inflated and over inflated tyres
Reliability and Robust
  • All major components are fully exchangeable in case any component is broken.
  • Provides signal accessibility by providing peripheral signal integrity technology.
  • Extremely lightweight, small in size and its special unique mechanical designed sensors have won the Tiredog the best TPMS system in this industry

Tyredog TD-1000A Tyredog TD-2000A Tyredog TD-3000A
Tyredog TD-1000A is a wireless TPMS that can support up to 4 tyres and can be easily installed withint minutes and without any technical knowledge. 0-65 psi range. Its original sensors must go with the original display because they're pre-registered with the same serial number. Only the replacement sensors can overwrite the original ones.

TD-1200 senses pressures up to 180 psi.

Tyredog TD-2000A TPMS is wireless TPMS for truck & trailer use. It can support & monitor up to 36 tyres. Sensors support up to 180 psi. It suits applications like: light to heavy commercial trucks, buses, agriculture, trailers, caravans. Fits over normal valve stem (or large bore with an adpater which is NOT included). If you don't intend to tow any vehicle, a display w/o relay will do. If you intend to tow other vehicles, you'll need a display w/ relay PLUS an extra relay for the trailer. Moreover, in either case, sensors need to be ordered as none are included w/ this model. This alarm can be set on a per axle basis so user can set the alarm for tires on the tractor & trailer differently. Display in the tractor can work with different sensors in another trailer, if changed. First, original sensors are pre-registered with the original display but it also looks for other sensors within detectable range. If a different set of sensors becomes the only detectable sensors, the display in the tractor will automatically determine that the tractor is connected to a new trailer and it will automatically update the new sensor ID. Tyredog TD-3000A TPMS is a combined wireless TPMS + car alarm system. This multitasking device saves customers money & provide ultimate convenience.
NOTE: For detailed technical info like specs. & features for all 3 models, please view the product pages by clicking on the below 'pen' icons. NOTE: There can be discrepancies or latest specs change as there are many variants to any specific model.


Q: Is the Tyredog a 'Direct' or 'Indirect' system?
A: Direct TPMS.

Q: How does receiver get IDs from sensors?
A: Receiver learns IDs from the sensors via 28-bit signal.

Q: Can sensors be stolen?
A: Sensors need special tool to remove & they only work with original receiver.

Q: How robust are these sensors?
A: Tyredog sensors are tested against water, intense vibration, impact, long-term pressure & temperature cycling. They are also exposed to harsh chemicals commonly found on the roads just to make sure that they meet the demanding automotive requirements.

Q: What is the sensor's output power?
A: < 5 dBm.

Q: What is the sensor's operating temperature range?
A: From sensor to receiver, they can operate between -30° to 145°C.

Q: Can the system detect the sensor correctly after tire rotation after service?
A: A learning phase must be performed each time if needed.

Q: Is it possible for sensors to interfere with one another?
A: Each sensor has its own ID and it takes very little time to transmit signals, itís very hard to interfere with other sensors.

Q: How precise are these sensors?
A: 0.5 psi accuracy.

Q: How easy is it to install Tyredog TPMS?
A: Zero cost for labor as there is no need for hard-wiring whatsoever.

Q: How frequent does it measure temperature & pressure?
A: Sensors receive data once every 5 seconds & transmit information to the receiver as soon as pressure value is changed.

Q: Does this system work well for say, a BMW M3 E36?
A: Can't think of any specific reason but one minor issue with TD-1000A is its pressure and temperature setting, which all 4 tires share the same setting range. Performance cars like M3 usually have different pressure settings between front and rear tires. The only solution is to widen the alarm range to cover all 4 tires but users may not feel comfortable with a wide alarm range. My friend's Porsche requires 32 psi for front tires and 36 for rear so if he wants to use it he needs to set a low 30 psi and high 38 psi for all four tires.

Home Safety TPMS Tyredog :  
(#ADTDxxx)  Tyredog TPMS
 WARRANTY: 90 days from date of arrival
 Transmitter Battery Lifespan: Up to 5 years (about same lifespan as your tires, batteries are replaceble).
 Transmitters are location-specific thus provide us this info when inquiring about spare transmitters. We do NOT sell just the transmitters without you buying the main TPMS from us (now or before).

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