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Back Up Camera
The benefits of equipping your vehicle with backup camera like most modern-day luxurious car models are obvious & self-explanatory. Sigma Automotive has researched and found many solutions for your safety and convenience; so many that we have probably the world's most comprehensive & newest backup camera selection. Accidents caused from unseen obstructions have caused loss of life and property damage.


  • Every vehicle has a rear blind zone
  • Blind zones can range from 13 ~ 55 feet
  • Every 90 seconds another U.S. driver is involved in a vehicle backing accident
  • Approximately 27% of all reported accidents happen while someone is backing up their vehicle
  • 40% of backover incidents occur at home, in driveways or in parking lots
  • 60% of children backovers involve a parent or relative behind the wheel
  • 70% of these incidents were reported preventable, if a collision avoidance system had been in place

SAFETY & CONVENIENCE: The visual reversing aid (backup camera) is strictly a driver assist device & should help reduce the risk of backup accidents, esp. for vehicles with limited rear vision. Another benefit is the convenience associated with hooking up to boats, RVs and utility trailers. It should not be considered to be a safety device for any purpose. It is not a substitute for driver responsibility when operating a vehicle. Please follow all local and federal laws when backing up your vehicle. The manufacturer and the distributor of these visual reversing aids (backup cameras) do not guarantee or assume liability for "collision or damages" that take place when backing your vehicle. Use your rearview mirrors, turn around, walk around the vehicle, and use all of the proper precautions to safely back your vehicle should conditions warrant. Click on the right diagram to read the article "The danger of blind spots" by

USAGE TIPS: To optimize the effectiveness of the backup camera we suggest the viewing angle is set in such a way as to:

  1. Center the viewing angle backwards
  2. Point the camera downward just enough to capture some of the rear bumper in order to provide a reference point
  3. Achieve a viewing angle that is wide enough to capture both outside edges of the rear bumper.

How to choose the right equipment:

  1. Choose a universal or model-specific backup camera - the former allows you to install onto different vehicles so it's great if you're leasing your vehicle. The latter provides a more factory, clean look.
  2. Now, think of how you'd like to view the image from this backup camera. Do you want a dedicated monitor (ie: backup monitor) for it? Or do you want to feed the image via your current factory display (ie: multi-function / navigation display unit)? If your answer is yes to the first question, then please choose a universal dedicated backup mon from our subsequent page. If your answer is yes to the second question, then you'll not need any monitor from us but you will need a model-specific video interface to feed reverse image to your existing vehicle display. Email us with your vehicle info as we have some great recommendations.
  3. When choosing one of our universal monitors, think if reverse image is the ONLY video feed that you want to display. What about DVD, mobile PC, PSP, etc.? Some monitors can accept more than one video & some can also accept audio feeds. Or you may use a separate video-switcher for this purpose. Disadvantages & advantages between the 2 methods:
    • Disadv: To tap into the factory MFD, you need a video interface which is model-specific & is not cheap but the price can be offset by the cost of an additional monitor. Unfortunately, availability can be limited due to later models' complex circuitry.
    • Disadv: This type of installation may void warranty & interfere w/ electronics but the brands that we recommend have very good track records.
    • Disadv: To tap into the MFD, you make this busy screen even busier.
    • Disadv: To tap into the MFD, your video interface is now 'married' to this vehicle & this model only, it can never follow you onto your next vehicle.
    • Disadv: This is a lil' more labor intensive, which translates into cost for both installation & un-installation.
    • Adv: It looks factory.
    • Adv: One less screen to clutter your dash board.
    • Adv: Attracts less theft.


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 NOTE: Please include your vehicle year, make & model even when ordering universal models.

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