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Parking Aid / Backup Sensor:

Reverse Back Up Parking Warning Sensor Alarm typically usually comes with either Surface, Flush or Bracket Mount Sensors. We sell complete systems, nothing else is required except expertise installation. Depending on applications & models, these systems consist between two to four (or even more) pre-wired ultrasonic sensors. Other sensor technologies include but are not limited to: ultrasonic, sonar, microwave, laser, infrared, electromagnetic waves, etc. Installation typically involves drilling into rear bumper. Some models require the mounting of brackets instead.

A mini-speaker is located inside the vehicle, usually on the rear parcel shelf or the rear pillar on a wagon or SUV. Simple connections are required, one wire to a back up light wire and another to a good ground. Every other connection is a plug-in.

HOW IT WORKS: When you put the vehicle in reverse, the unit emits two "beeps" to indicate that it is in operation. Then as you get closer to an object, the beeping increases in frequency and then becomes steady to indicate that you should stop backing. Some models use synthesized to announce the distance.

These units are intended to supplement your use of mirrors and turning of your head when backing up. Drive carefully! Great for cars, vans, trucks and RVs with plastic bumpers.

Why aftermarket Reverse Parking Sensors are better than OE counterparts:

  • Most factory-equipped backup sensors are installed by your local dealership's subcontractors. This limits your choice of equipment.
  • Aforementioned subcontractors usually push the easiest-to-install but not necessarily the most advanced systems out there.
  • You're buying a vehicle with drilled bumpers without your consent by subcontractors.
  • Business is business: subcontractor needs to earn profit, your dealership also needs to earn profit, imagine the inflated price for their mediocre system when you take delivery of your vehicle.
  • Depending on your vehicle's anatomy & your specific needs, you, not your dealership, should decide what is the best kit & the best number of sensors for your application.
  • Sensors come in different forms & colors, don't settle for whatever others decide for you.

Why aftermarket Reverse Parking Sensors can be more suitable for you than backup camera systems:

  • Not all vehicles have integrated console display.
  • Not everyone likes to mount a video display (a.k.a. theft magnet) on their dashboard.
  • The safest (and most intuitive) way to backup is to look out your rear window - NOT to stare at a screen that is situated forward & downward.
  • Audible backup system costs a fraction of what a backup camera system costs since that the latter involves a camera, a separate display (or a video interface module to feed video to your integrated factory display).

Which holesaw to use for what bumper type?

  • Light-duty for plastic & thin-sheet metal bumpers
    - for more info: click here
  • Heavy-duty for normal thicker steel metal bumpers
    - for more info: click here
  • NOTE: We have used the light-duty hole saws to cut holes in heavy metal but needed to use a lot of cutting oil to keep the bit cool and ran the drill at a slow speed. The light-duty one is included with the Steel-Mate systems.


    Backup Sensors:


    NOTE: The above reversing aids are strictly drive assist devices. It should not be considered to be a safety device for any purpose. It is not a substitute for driver responsibility when operating a vehicle. Please follow all local and federal laws when backing up your vehicle. The manufacturer and the distributor of these reversing aids do not guarantee or assume liability for "collision or damages" that take place when backing your vehicle. Use your mirrors, turn around and use all of the proper precautions to safely back your vehicle. Always check for children before you shift to reverse!

    Home Safety Parking Aid :

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