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  • Instant Windshield Washer Tablets:
      Windshield Cleaner Goes GREEN !
      303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets have saved MILLIONS of plastic containers from ending up in our landfills and from having to be recycled. Used by UPS, car rental agencies such as Avis & Budget, state & local governments.

      ~ Astronomical Savings: Cost per Gallon - Save 75% MINIMUM!
      ~ Virtually Eliminates Shipping Costs!* - Save 99.84% on Shipping:

        2,500 gallon containers of pre-mix windshield cleaner weighs 20,750 lbs. One UPS-able master pack of 303 Tablets (4 cases/100 ea 25-tablet tubes) also makes 2,500 gallons, but weighs only 33 lbs!

      ~ Saves thousands of gallons of fuel.
      • Triples cleaning power. Completely removes bugs, road film, dirt and grime.
      • One super concentrated tablet makes 1 gallon of windshield cleaner.
      • Safe for rubber & paint.
      • Easy to Use. Just add tablet to 1 gallon water; or drop in reservoir of clean water.
      • Winter Conditions: Anti-freeze type windshield solvents are poor cleaners. For triple cleaning power with any anti-freeze windshield solvent, add a 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablet.
      • This is a GREEN Product. It is Non-Toxic and Biodegradable.

      303 Products has manufactured windshield cleaner tablets for over 10 years. This product has already kept millions of plastic containers from being recycled or added to our landfills.

      The idea behind windshield washer cleaner in something other than gallon bottles is threefold: Minimizing environmental impact, producing a high quality product at 75% less cost, and cutting shipping costs by a minimum of 90%.

      Amazingly, one pallet of tablets produces 150,000 gallons of windshield cleaner. This is equivalent to 1,137 pallets of full gallon containers of pre-mixed windshield cleaner weighing 1,387,500 lbs and would take forty-four full truckloads to transport!

      The Environment: Consider the environmental impact of not producing and transporting all those gallons of product. First the petrochemicals and the energy saved by not manufacturing 150,000 gallon plastic bottles & caps. Then there is the petroleum not consumed and emissions not incurred by not hauling all these gallons to destination. And finally, there’s 150,000 fewer plastic containers to recycle or to be discarded into landfills. What was previously a very wide and deep carbon footprint… virtually eliminated.

      Transportation Costs: Using windshield cleaner in a tablet form, there’s 99.87% less weight to truck around the country. Putting transportation costs into perspective, hauling forty-four truckloads of gallon windshield cleaner from California to Chicago costs $166,452. Shipping one pallet of tablets costs $955 dollars. This is a freight cost savings of $165,497. A tremendous amount that otherwise would have come from consumers pocketbooks.

      Non-Toxic – Biodegradable: Windshield cleaner tablets are made from food-grade ingredients with a specialized synthetic detergent. They dissolve completely in water making a high-quality, richly blue cleaner. Each super-concentrated tablet makes up to 1 gallon. Simple to use. Just add to 1 gallon water or drop in reservoir of clean water. Read other windshield washer fluid labels - they contain methanol, which is a very toxic compound & cannot be made non-poisonous. Please stop purchasing unsafe & irresponsible products.

      Winter Use: Approximately half the U.S. population can use tablets in water year around. The balance of the population lives where it’s cold enough during part of the winter that windshield solvents must be used. Such products contain methanol and are infamously poor cleaners. Adding a tablet to any windshield solvent triples the cleaning power. These super-concentrated tablets are formulated to completely remove road film, dirt & grime leaving windshields sparkling clean.

      Super-concentrated windshield cleaner tablets are not only interesting, but exciting. It is truly amazing that something this small and simple can have such a substantial and beneficial impact on our environment.

  • Wiper Treatment:
      By reconditioning / rejuvenating / reviving hardening rubber blades, you can prolong its lifespan (and spare the environment from excessive non-recyclable waste) extensively. 303 Wiper Treatment restores lost flexibility and performance. 303 Wiper Treatment keeps wiper blades working like new. No more annoying chattering, skipping & streaking!

      Each 303 Wiper Treatment packet contains a sponge applicator. Wipe on, wait a minute and wipe dry. Nothing could be easier. Each packet will treat 2-3 wiper blades. Reapply as necessary, usually every 3-5 weeks. Store in your glovebox.

      And In Winter - SNOW AND ICE WILL NOT STICK TO TREATED BLADES! Wiper blades conditioned with 303 Wiper Treatment will not freeze to the windshield overnight. - A winter must.

      Biodegradable, non-hazardous.

  • Home Safety Winter Driving 303 Products :  
    (#M230390)  Instant Windshield Fluid Tablets - 5-tablet card
    (#M230337)  Wiper Treatment - 6-pk carton

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