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DashDAQ XL is the advanced vehicle performance data monitor; The all-in-one 4.3" high-resolution color touch-screen digital dashboard for 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles and more!

Monitor, modify, and improve your driving experience. With thousands of possible gauge settings, completely customizable to your needs, DashDAQXL delivers the data you need to perfect and protect your vehicle.

DashDAQ XL offers an amazing amount of features that is unmatched by competing brands and single purpose gauges that clutter up your dashboard and A-pillar.

If you are considering adding performance hardware, DashDAQ XL can easily help you to visbily see the performance gains or losses your addition provided.

Tuning your vehicle? Not a problem. Regardless of the tuner you use, DashDAQ XL is able to monitor your vehicle performance to assure you are getting the results you are looking for.

Even non-OBD2 vehicles can experience the DashDAQ advantage with the list of signal collection devices and aftermarket EFI systems, the DashDAQ XL will never let you down.

OBD2 Data Lists - DashDAQ XL offers the most complete data list with over 10,0000 available PIDs for 1996 and newer OBD2 Vehicles.
DIY Diagnostics - When your Check Engine comes on, know right away the code name and what it means. Saving you a trip to the repair shop.
Data Logging - Especially if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle with performance parts, DashDAQ XL gives you vehicle performance data before and after your upgrade.
Fuel Economy - You can now monitor and track wasteful driving habits and begin to maximize your vehicles fuel consumption.
Speed Times - DashDAQ XL gives you the option of 0-60mph, 60-0mph, 1/4mile, and completely customizable speed tests.
Dyno Calculations - Avoid the high cost of putting your vehicle up on a dyno. With the DashDAQ XL you can perform HP and torque measures everyday.
Customization - Every aspect of the DashDAQ XL is completely customizable to your needs. From hundreds of different gauge types and arrangements, choosing your own color scheme and more can make the DashDAQ XL a true part of your vehicle.
Entertainment Features - DashDAQ XL also acts like a media portal for your favorite music and video files.

Home Electronics Scan-Tool DashDAQ :  
(#DASHDAQXL)  DashDAQ XL - windshield pedestal, OBD2 & USB cables
(#DASHDAQXLH)  DashDAQ - Hardware Add-ons
(#DASHDAQXLS)  DashDAQ - Enhanced OBD2 Data Licenses
(#DASHDAQXLAL)  DashDAQ - Aftermarket EFI System Licenses
(#DASHDAQXLMS)  DashDAQ - Multi-signal Collection Devices Licenses
 GPS NAV Kit includes: GPS receiver, navigation software, a memory card with US MAPS
 DELIVERY: Immediate.

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