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Scan-Tool, Vehicle Information Display & Vehcle Operating Techniques

Sigma Automotive brings you the most advanced & comprehensive vehicle information display devices out there on the market today. These devices fit most 1996 model year vehicles as long as they come w/ an OBDII connector - with the exception of the G-Tech/PRO SS & RR performance meters which are stand-alone units so they literally work on any moving thing out there.

Apart from retrieving data from your vehicle to analyze & troubleshoot, view these devices as tuners for the drivers; instead of for the vehicles that they operate. Excessive speed decreases fuel economy. In addition, excessive idling, operating the vehicle in the wrong gear and accelerating and decelerating rapidly all consume extra fuel. It has been estimated that proper driving technique can account for a 30% variation in fuel economy.

Efficient Driving Behaviour
The following is a short list of behaviours exhibited by those drivers who consistently obtain good fuel economy. Simple behaviours, like coasting to a stop instead of staying on the accelerator until the last minute and then braking hard, add up to significant fuel savings over thousands of kilometres.

  • Monitor MPG (miles per gallon / fuel consumption) direct.
  • Monitor engine Load and engine Absolute Load. Keeping this number low in a cruising configuration will reduce fuel consumption.
  • Monitor TPS and Speed. It may sound obvious, but keeping a light foot and operating in a speed appropriate for the gearing and torque curve of the vehicle are key factors in reducing fuel consumption.
  • Change up to a higher gear whenever possible (in a manual car). Keeping the RPMs down without lugging the engine can help efficiency.
  • Use the MAP parameter in conjunction with TPS, Speed, Load, and MAF to monitor your driving style to minimize fuel consumption.
  • High average vehicle speeds with minimum time spent at maximum vehicle speed
  • High percent trip distance in top gear (90+ % recommended)
  • Skip/Progressive shifting
  • High percent cruise control in flat terrain
  • Minimum percent Idle/PTO operation
  • Minimum service brake activity
    • Number of sudden decelerations
    • Service brake actuations/1000 km

Rule of Thumb: The most efficient drivers get easily 20% or higher fuel economy than the least efficient drivers.

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