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Winter Driving

We at Sigma Automotive consider your driving safety to be one of our top concerns. This is particularly true in states where rain, freezing rain, snow, sleet, black ice, hail, ice, and a mixture of any of the above can create hazardous driving conditions. Snow plows and salt trucks do a pretty good job of keeping thoroughfares clear, but the truth is that until the snow and rain are completely melted, you've still got to be alert. There are steps you can take to increase your car's traction when such hazards are present, unfortunately some measures to increase tire traction are meeting with resistance and even banned on certain road surfaces. That's why we offer revolutionary products like Autosock™, Tyre-Grip™, HotShot™, Everblades™, etc that are powerful enough to keep you on the road while remaining safe to the surfaces, which you drive on.

We don't pretend to be experts here but residing in Boston somewhat makes us experienced winter drivers:

  • It rains or snows in Boston an average of 126 days a year.
  • The city averages around 41” of precipitation (rain & melted snow) annually, spreading almost evenly throughout the year.
  • Boston gets more precipitation than Seattle (37” per year) and it hardly ever snows there.
  • There’s measurable snowfall 23 days each year in Boston, averaging around 42”.
  • Temperature drops to 32 degrees or lower 95 days each year.
  • Boston’s average wind speed of 12.4 mph dusts the 10.3 mph posted by that also-ran of a windy city: Chicago.
  • The 2nd-highest gust ever measured on Earth (186 mph) was recorded in 1938 at the Blue Hill Observatory just south of Boston.

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, weather forecast

So, we test all of the following products in our front & backyards, year after year. It's time for us to share these secrets with you.

Click on each of the following product images to go to its dedicated page for more info & to order.

Sigma Automotive Winter Driving Aid:

303 Products
Alpha Therm
Wiper Shaker
Rain Tracker
Air Jack
Snow Ladder
Did you know that heated seats are way more energy-efficient than the main energy-hogging ventilation-based heating system? Why heat the whole cabin when only your torso come in contact with the seat? This is the primary reason why latest 2011 EVs & PHEVs (like the Nissan Leaf and 2011 Chevy Volt respectively) offer heated seats as option. Heavy electrical drain of keeping occupants comfortable during winter dips into battery and fuel reserve which ultimately harms MPG. Who knew that seat heater can be environmental item huh?

With that said, beware of this problem and use Seat Heater very moderately: Seat Warmers Can Cause ‘Toasted Skin’ Rash, Scarring

Seat Heater
Seat Heater

Home Safety Winter Driving :

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