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Tyre-Grip™ - Get A Grip On Slippery, Icy Roads
The temperature drops. The roads get slick and icy. And millions of drivers are turned loose on the streets scrambling for solutions. Chain and snow tires? These are one-time purchases that may be great for deep snow. But what about when that slippery film of ice first coats the road?

Now there's a solution all drivers will appreciate: Tyre-Grip™. The revolutionary new Tyre-Grip™ solution is designed to help all cars, small trucks, and commercial vehicles get a grip on icy roads. Tyre-Grip™ 's exclusive technology coats the tires with an adhesive film to provide a secure grip on the road and prevent ice & snow from accumulating on the tires.

Tyre-Grip™ has been tested & approved by governmental agencies & major universities. In one particularly exhaustive test, the Norwegian State Institute of Technology found that: "... on wet ice, the grip effect was improved by 300% following application of Tyre-Grip™ adhesive... The best effects were attained under the most severe driving conditions, ie: wet ice & compressed new snow." For 12 years Tyre-Grip™ has been proven to work effectively by drivers here in the US.

Some cities and even entire states prohibit the use of chains or other traction devices on their infrastructure. This is because of the damage these devices are known to inflict, from potholes to deep cracks and chips. You might not need chains in a state that doesn't experience intense driving conditions, but you'll still run into situations where your tires just don't stick.

The beauty of Tyre-Grip™ is that it is one of the few traction devices that poses no danger to highway and local road infrastructures. Tyre-Grip™ is a thin resin film that is applied to your tires, which makes it harmless to road surfaces. Even more importantly, it does not run the risk of damaging your own drive train normally associated with chains or other traction devices.

This last note is of particular importance when you factor hybrid cars in the equation. Most hybrid manufacturers will explicitly void warranties on their cars when chains and other traction devices are used. The drive trains on these vehicles are so sensitive that chains can generate ruinous damage. Using Tyre-Grip™ gives you an incredible traction alternative.


  • 300% better traction without the hassle of chains. Three times normal grip on slippery wet surfaces, black ice, sleet, & snowy roads at around +3 C (37.4°F), stated by the Norwegian State Technological Institute. Grip increases during near freezing temperatures. “So the colder it gets……….the stronger it grips".
  • Retains its effectiveness for approximately 50 miles per application.
  • One 16-oz recyclable aluminum can lasts for more than 20 applications / all four tires.
  • Prevents snow from accumulating on your tires.
  • Reduces the risk of auto accidents due to hazardous road conditions.
  • Enhances the effectiveness on snow tires even further.
  • With a can in the trunk, drivers will not have to be stranded on icy roads.
  • Natural Resin Adhesive that is environmentally safe. Contains no harmful solvents.
  • Easy & convenient to use.
  • Causes no damage (physical or chemical) to roads, driveways, body paint, metal, or tires on the car.
  • According to Norwegian State Tech. Institute, under normal driving conditions it may not cause wheel lock or wheel spin.

    Tyre-Grip™ is a snap to use. When headinging into icy roads:

    1. Shake can well to mix formula.
    2. Hold can upright and spray the surface of all (four) tire treads evenly
    3. Wait 2 to 3 minutes
    4. Drive off with 300% better traction
    5. Re-apply as needed
    Tyre-Grip™ is a winter-driving must for every motorist. It will join the list of "standard equipment" in every car trunk, along with a jack, flares, and chains.

    Shoe Grip:
    Shoe Grip - a revolutionary product originally designed for pedestrians to walk with confidence on slippery, snowy, and icy driveways, sidewalks, stairs, and roads. Shoe Grip is a proven product that acts as an adhesive and “grips” cold, slippery surfaces and any other surface that would profit from a non-slip surface.


  • Available 5 oz. can
  • Spray Shoe-Grip on the soles of shoes, let dry, and GO!
  • Will not harm leather or rubber
  • Avoid the dangers of slipping on ice and snow!
  • Same dynamic properties as Tyre-Grip
  • Improved traction
  • Grips amazingly to ice and snow
  • Specially designed nozzle to spray the targeted area without waste
  • Conveniently stored in various compartments
  • Non hazardous
  • Recycle aluminum can


    1. Shake Can well.
    2. Spray the bottom soles of your footwear evenly with Shoe Grip
    3. Allow to dry 1 to 3 minutes
    4. Walk more confident on slippery surfaces
    5. Re-apply as needed

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this product is not designed to come in contact with indoor surfaces while in its most active state. The product works best on ice & snow when in a slightly moist state. Our instructions to let it sit for a few minutes are to give the solvents an opportunity to evaporate. What's left is the actual product. It'll eventually dry completely. At that time it is safe to walk indoors. If you're concerned with getting it on your carpet or hardwood floors, we suggest that you put a mat at the entrance and firmly press the shoes against it until there is no grabbing effect. Shoe-Grip has adhesive properties just as adhesive tape; once it loses that property, it is less effective. It doesn't harm floors or carpet, there are no corrosives in the product. It would be the same as removing gum; the method may be more harmful than the substance. It's easier to remove if it gets on tile or hardwood, because any oil-based citrus cleaner will remove it. Carpets are a different story.

    About freezing temp storage: We suggest that you first bring the can back to normal room temperature & then shake the can very well before using. After each use, remember to turn the can right side up to clear the nozzle per the instructions imprinted on the can. If the can has been sitting at low temperatures with residue in the stem it will in all likeliness be too stiff to come through. The solvents will be at the top so they should be mixed thoroughly. By turning the can up after each use, you force the gases to the bottom; this leaves air in the stem & your next usage will be fine, instead of being blocked.

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    DELIVERY: Any orders out of the Continental US must be dealt with by the maker. Email for more info. Repeat: We do NOT ship this out of the Continental US, not even to Hawaii.

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